Yesterday, Hangzhou Xiaoshan a black pedestrians second coal mining industry in the new network 3u8813

Yesterday, Hangzhou Xiaoshan a black pedestrians second "coal mining industry" – Beijing yesterday morning at 8 am, Hangzhou City floating in the rain. In the vicinity of Xiaoshan Yinong a district, there was no umbrella walking on the road, it was the rain drenched dark, second coal miners. I was shocked, the sky was black. After the rain, near the roof, ground, cars, farmland covered with black powder. This is how to return a responsibility? For a time, readers have asked the truth. Morning, who lives in Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District Master Wu Yinong town to call the hotline: "good, we plot under the black rain, in a dark place." Really, a lot of local agriculture area, on the ground, the car, the green belt has been covered with a thick layer of black powder, in the sky there are sporadic falling black powder. Look in the distance, the roof is black. Master Wu said: pointing to the clothes on the balcony drying clothes outside all suffer, become super black." Someone lazy without an umbrella, it became a coal mining industry, the forehead, face, nose, even the lips are thin spots, dense phobia watched mad. Netizen @byq1jr said: go out to be armed with a gas mask." Under the black place is actually more than a farming area, according to friends broke the news information, and the surrounding area within a radius of 1 km are. At the same time, Xiaoshan District Environmental Protection Bureau has received complaints from residents. Yesterday morning about 8:50, Xiaoshan Guali environmental protection staff arrived at the scene. Black in the end how to? Where is the source? Staff of the environmental protection department for the first time will not think of a corporate emissions of smoke caused by. Think again, ah, ah, next to the coal-fired boiler has been eliminated, and now the boiler is a desulfurization treatment. However, prudence, or environmental protection staff visited the surrounding businesses, but did not find the source of black rain. After more than 1 hours of visits, they found a target of an abandoned factory in red sun Road, No. 1. This is a 2011 had discontinued businesses, as the original Hangzhou branch to dye Co. Ltd., a production of petroleum coke powder called new energy fuel, after the shutdown, left four tank. Yesterday morning, workers are on the two of the tank demolition, accident during operation, accidentally tank float out petroleum coke dry powder. Late yesterday afternoon, Yinong town government informed to: Hangzhou branch of fuel limited company in the equipment removal process, due to improper operation, resulting in part of the tank body from raw materials of petroleum coke powder leakage, and the wind to a radius of about 800 meters of the area. The petroleum coke dry powder floated out, due to low pressure, southerly plus, will shout wind to the South and all areas such as sky, looks like under the black rain. After the incident, Yinong town government immediately organized personnel to carry out emergency disposal, and urge enterprises to do the cleanup and control work. Money newspaper reporter learned from the environmental protection department, petroleum coke powder is a kind of petroleum extract, the main component is Lee相关的主题文章:

Through the wonders of the world the absolute risk of Taihang wall highway tourism – Sohu 追踪309

Through the wonders of the world the absolute risk of Taihang wall highway – Sohu "in the world tour eight hundred longitudinal ridges, the sky turned into Ling view", this is known as one of the world’s ninth largest miracle, one of the most difficult road, the world ten world eighteen most strange road, majestic and Taihang Mountain Wall Road, towering stone the cliff towering steep, shook the fusion of human and the natural wonders of the great, in the cliff top, quiet night, difficult here than in sichuan. An altitude of 1800 meters, three mountains, a cliff face, an imposing, turn the corner of the mountain road, as reflected here, dense willow trees and bright flowers. This road is like hanging on the wall, partly hidden and partly visible, so there is a wall highway this image name, called the world’s most extraordinary road. Hanging wall of the highway construction condition is very bad, need construction in all 1/6 projects on the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, at the top of the hill on the solid line, workers will be hanging to the mountainside opening section construction, opened the Kunshan wall road. Wall road without finishing the new open, bumpy road, the rugged stone hanging side window, grinning, the width is limited, only began jumping through the hole of agricultural tricycle, with a zigzag dangerous stone cliff to draw foot tunnel desolate tragic color. Taihang seven Wall Road – Rainbow ladder off. Located in Shanxi Pingshun County Rainbow ladder Guan Xiang ancient road, Shanxi is one of the "eight ancient customs". Through the rainbow ladder off along the magnificent scenery, the distribution of the many waterfalls and springs quiet little village. The hanging wall of the road in the village of rainbow staircase, after the village and the staircase between the gate. Here so far still gravel road, but the path is dangerous, beautiful and original. Wall Road in the Taihang cliffs even cut 5 caves, and the top and bottom of the hole hole gap of about 200 meters. The corridor wall Road, located in steep woods, constitute a natural beauty, far see as the grand and magnificent landscape painting scroll; looking out of the window inside the tunnel, and the like in the gallery to see a picture of the scene, beautiful. Wall road due to the cliff danger, constitute a natural beauty, far see as the grand and magnificent landscape painting scroll; looking out of the window inside the tunnel, and the like in the gallery to see a picture of the scene, beautiful. It solves the problem of mountain traffic, string up everywhere in the mountains scenery, attracting visitors attention, as the local villagers out of poverty Road, the road to get rich. And the indomitable spirit of the people of the road, always enterprising consciousness, but also inspire the hearts of tourists. Wall road has undoubtedly become the Taihang mountain to the precious wealth of the world. Through the second hanging wall Road, to reach the bottom of the picturesque village.. The village is located at the junction of Shanxi and Henan at the bottom of the ravine, there are strange local folk customs, with picturesque scenery. Since ancient times fame, many tourists to sightseeing and art creation. Because the circumference surrounded by cliffs, its shape as well, the village in the valley is named. The village is also called Baiyun valley.. Xiyagou wall road is located in the hinterland xiyagou, since ancient times, difficult terrain, almost isolated, ditch people self-sufficient, emerge of itself and perish of itself. Starting in 60s, spent 30 years in the chisel out of a precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs zigzag Wall Road, created a miracle 0相关的主题文章:

Sex and the city featuring so many shoe brands now turn it out of the shoe illustration (video) borderland

"Sex and the city" featuring so many shoe brands now turn it out of the shoe illustration drama "sex and the city" so many fashion brands from the explosion models, Fendi Baguette Oscar de la Renta bag and dress are therefore highly sought after. However, when it comes to what can truly represent the desire of the city, the women’s outlook on life and values, it must be the shoes no doubt. When Mr.Big took the Manolo Blahnik blue silk writing to Carrie to marry him, but also because of this pair of shoes symbolizes the choose of love and worth double. Blahnik has therefore felt uneasy when he suddenly found even New York taxi drivers all know him, "in the New York customs entry examination, because too many people in my team, leading to examine my female staff task is too heavy, so I had to send her a check at the end a pair of shoes, to say thank you." In addition, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo is also due to the play on the floor. After a lapse of many years, and now there is a series of shoes will be due to the desire to get attention. This series is "Megan Hess Designer illustrator of this novel desire of the city", Hess is an Australian fashion illustrator, was a London boutique creative director of Liberty, is the high-end department store chain Bloomingdales official illustrator. In her "sex and the city" boxing cover illustration, Hess immediately became the darling of many brands of luxury, Hermes, Louis and her Vuitton and Tiffany have worked together. Hess launched a series of shoes and Shoes Australia’s website Shoes of Prey Co design. Shoes of Prey was founded in 2009, has been allowed the consumers themselves to design and customize shoe line, others are "ready to wear", it is "ready to made", a new concept, but also quite excited the potential of women seems to mean, and "sex and the city" to express things like. Hess this time as an inspiration to participate in activities. Shoes of Prey a total of four women were invited to work with this series, called "Fleur-de-lis". The word meaning is the iris, but it is also the Old French royal insignia. From the photos, the series go all the golden route, a total of three pairs of shoes, and two sets of flats. The price of more than 2000 yuan, the purchase channel has not been fully announced, but Shoes of Prey is sure to sell. I believe the "sex and the city" this gimmick will attract a number of consumers, after all, this association is also recalled in a number of Carrie lines in the play, all of them and shoes are closely related, that I love the most: "standing on high heels, I can see the real world, the foot is not comfortable not shoes the height of the相关的主题文章:

Fujian Meranti influence over 90% users to restore power in the new network ca1290

Fujian "Meranti" influence over 90% users to restore power – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in September 18 (Xinhua Long Minlin Mei Mei) State Grid Fujian electric power company 18 days to report, after 24 hours of day and night to repair, as of September 18th 7, the province of Fujian because of the typhoon "Meranti", has accumulated 3230475 households stop 2924110, has been restored, the recovery rate of 90.52%. Fourteenth this year, super typhoon "Meranti" 15 days 3 when 5 points to 15 in the coastal areas of Xiangan strength District of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, resulting in extremely serious loss. The picture shows the Nanping electric power company to support the region hardest hit Xiamen, repair the damaged grid overnight. Chen Shuzhong photo Fujian electric power continue to 24 hours to carry out repair the damaged power grid, power centralized province cross regional support disaster area — Xiamen, Zhangzhou Changtai, Quanzhou Jinjiang and Nanan, to restore power as quickly as possible. At 5 September 18th 02, after the national electricity network in Fujian more than 200 rainy night night repair team fight, 220 thousand v West Xiamen No. 24 tower repair, Xiamen electric railway traction power supply external becomes normal, laid the foundation for the protection of the power supply of Fuzhou Xiamen high-speed railway operation. (end)相关的主题文章:

The Eighth China Western Animation Festival opened in Chongqing (Figure) – China Network 步步高i606

The eighth Chinese Western Animation Festival opened in Chongqing (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, September 14 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) Cosplay fabulous performances, wonderful cool hip-hop and realistic than the bucket lovely cartoon dolls…… 2016 of the eighth China Western Animation Festival opened in Chongqing on 14 may, from around the country and the United States, Japan, South Korea and other foreign animation industry group debut exhibition, bring the latest industry information and visual feast for mountain anime fans. As one of the three largest animation festival and Western cartoon theme exhibition, Chinese Western Animation Festival began upgrading from 2016, focusing on the scale, industry forum, enterprise influence, pan entertainment upgrade, will also create animation creative sports activities, Animation Forum, animation brand special equipment exhibition and other activities, from the previous pure Animation Exhibition upgrade for the national pan entertainment festival. Reporters saw at the exhibition site, fans dressed in all kinds of cartoon animation clothing, hand props, shuttle to different pavilions, or to the anime voice actors love to ask for a signature, or with the well-known Cosplay star group photo. Many kinds of cartoon props is Manmi reduction copy, at the scene outside of them, as if to enter the world of comics. This animation festival on the basis of maintaining the traditional project, with "Internet plus" and "public entrepreneurship, innovation" initiative, aimed at different audiences added multiple theme activities, such as creative enterprises (talent), around the Internet, software, digital publishing and electronic commerce industry, held in Chongqing the first Internet innovation culture section contains hit off the share of the general assembly, creating talent show and other sub activities. According to the introduction, this exhibition is held in addition to the previous anime forum, animation contest, animation products exhibition, animation talent exchanges and other activities, will also hold a dance contest, electronic games, Cosplay and other interactive activities, a total of seven themes 19 key activities will continue until the end of 17 days. Rich content and multi-level interaction to attract industry professionals, college students and the general public and other animation related persons to participate in the response, and for the people of the mountain city presented a wonderful cartoon feast.相关的主题文章: